Build Better Tenants and Build a Better Bottom Line

Property Vista

Web based and simple-to-use, PropertyVista is a suite of online tools designed for landlords and property managers who understand the importance of reducing vacancies, cutting risk, and improving cashflow through strong tenant relations.

PropertyVista securely stores all your information about your buildings, units and tenants to create an easy and seamless way to manage your properties and your business. Then you just add the Vista module you want to create the right solution for you.

Get on the web and online. WebVista makes it easy with professional websites that showcase your properties, list vacant units, provide unit details, and accept online applications (with ApplyVista). WebVista integrates with all PropertyVista modules to ensure a complete management picture of your properties and business.

The best time to land a prospect is when they’re actually looking. With ApplyVista, prospects can apply for a unit when they’re on your WebVista site looking at vacancies. Once your prospect has checked out the details and decided your unit is right for them, AppoveVista kicks in with a streamlined process that captures all the information you need to make a smart decision.

Never chase cheques again. PayVista lets you add automated rent and fee payments to PortalVista. Your tenants can choose direct withdrawal, direct online payment, debit or even Visa and Mastercard options. They will appreciate the convenience, and you’ll appreciate your improved cashflow. PayVista even accommodates different provincial rules concerning security deposits and last month’s rent payments.

Great tenant relations are money in the bank. PortalVista provides your tenants with the tools both to improve their residence experience and to reduce your management costs and headaches. Now you and your tenants can easily and securely communicate with you and each other, place and update maintenance requests, keep track of events and schedules.

ApproveVista helps keep your risk low by providing a trusted credit check and approval system. ApproveVista can help reduce your risk of approving a poor tenant by using highly intelligent technology to assess the applicant’s parameters and credit status, and then calculating the applicant’s ability to afford the rent. Combined with WebVista and ApplyVista for a complete end-to-end automated process.

Get more from PortalVista and PayVista with this great add-on module for mobile. PortalVista Mobile makes it easy for tenants on the go to report issues, access notifications and even pay bills with their mobile devices. Tenants can easily download PortalVista Mobile’s ResidentConnect app from iTunes and get started. Add PortalVista Mobile and you’re ready to build better tenants, no matter where they are.

You can only manage what you can measure. With ViewVista’s flexible dashboard reporting, you can keep tabs on what’s going on with your properties and tenants so you can decide where to focus. From simple easy-to-understand snapshots to more complex reports, ViewVista gives you an integrated and transparent picture of your business. The built-in flexible permissions feature also means that you can give the right information to the right people when they need it.