Property/Condo Management Firms & REITs

Large portfolios bring unique challenges. PropertyVista,TM designed by one of Canada’s most successful property management experts, focuses on increasing tenant satisfaction while improving your bottom line.

Lower Your Risk Profile

Risk is a constant in business, so it's important to manage it well regardless of your portfolio's size. PropertyVista and its partner Equifax helps lower your risk profile through automated, intelligent credit approval protocols that balance a variety of factors and rules to make a recommendation on a prospect's probability of being a poor tenant. Better choices mean lower risk for you.

Improve Cash Flow

Cash is the lifeblood of your business, and late rental and fee payments can cause problems. PropertyVista helps improve your cashflow with sophisticated online rental payment tools that allow tenants to pay by direct deposit, debit, credit cards or other methods. Receive real-time alerts when payments fail so you can act immediately. Convenience for your tenants. Better cash flow for you.

Integrate Your Marketing

Filling units is about strong marketing, and people are going online to find the right unit for them. With PropertyVista, you can integrate your marketing into your business processes so that vacancies are posted automatically, prospects can learn everything about the unit online and they can even apply directly from your branded website. Your data is kept up-to-date, too. Now that's powerful marketing.

Improve Customer Service

When you're overseeing hundreds or thousands of tenants, good customer relations is critical. A strong and trusting partnership between you and your tenants helps reduce vacancies, tenant complaints, property damage, maintenance schedule issues and rent payment problems. PropertyVista's tenant portal capabilities put it all online, and open up communications for improved customer service.

Measure What Matters

Businesses know that they can only manage what they measure. PropertyVista's dashboard aggregates and reports real-time data about your tenants, units and buildings to construct an integrated and transparent picture of your business. The flexible permissions rules allow you to determine who in your business gets to see what information, ensuring that the right data gets to the right people who need it.

Leverage Your Existing Systems

You may already have investment in other software or online tools for your property management functions. Through its set of open APIs, PropertyVista plays and works well with other systems, including Yardi or even your own proprietary solutions. And we can help you with your integration, data import/export and requirements at a low cost.